What would you say to debaters considering Premier?

“PDI is one of the best camps if you really want to improve. The amount of one on one time is insane, giving you lots of time to improve on your specific weaknesses.” – Parker Whitfill

“DO IT! This was by far the best camp I have ever attended. The staff members were always willing to help you at a moment’s notice. The debaters were friendly but competitive, which pushed you to perform at a higher level. The program was organized and well ran. If you plan on being one of the top debaters in the nation, you have to attend this program” – Anonymous Senior

“I extremely enjoyed the great amount of one on one opportunities I had with staff members. I’ve been to other camps and I hadn’t nearly gotten this much attention. The staff was excellent and had great variety giving a debater in any style someone to learn from. This was extremely worthwhile.” – John Huebler

“PDI was the greatest camp experience ever because you get extremely easy access to the staff and you all form a little family that you do everything with from Super Smash Bros to basketball to homework and drills.” – Elizabeth Pavlath

“If you’re in between Premier and another camp, choose Premier. The experience was amazing! I didn’t have access to just my lab leaders, but the whole staff, and if I needed to work on anything, I could find one staff member and work on it one-on-one. If I needed any help, every staff member was free to work until midnight, which is what really helped me throughout the two weeks at camp. Furthermore, the lab leaders all tried to recognize our weaknesses and work through them with various drills. All in all, PDI has gotten me out of my comfort zone, and has allowed me to understand aspects of debate that I never thought possible. Thanks to PDI, I now feel comfortable competing on the national circuit.” – Ravi Upadhya

“Don’t be put off by the smaller number of people; all of the staff were great and I had a lot of fun.” – Danny Vesurai

“One of the most inclusive and fostering debate camps I have ever attended” – Anonymous

“Premier Debate Institute was amazing. Its main distinction was the sheer amount of 1-on-1 time you had with staff members. Every instructor hired had high levels of success as a debater and getting the opportunity to do redoes, talk strategy, and work on casing with them was incredibly valuable. Additionally, the curriculum was top notch. Also, the camp’s student-staff ratio made it possible to individualize instruction based on your needs. The camp tournament was very well-run: none of the rounds were excessively delayed, and we received a detailed RFD and feedback after each debate. The breakfast bagels were awesome as well. I definitely recommend PDI to anyone looking to get better at debate!” – Anonymous

“PDI is amazing because there is more one on one attention with the staff and everyone is always willing to help.” – Anonymous

The staff is absolutely awesome. You can tell they all love debating and they are all passionate about their lectures and what they have to say. Having a staff that really cares about you and your performance matters a lot.” – Bo Slade

“Premier is the best debate camp I’ve ever been to. Every member of staff was there for the campers. The staff took an individualized approach to each student and had unrivaled, unparalleled excellence in one-on-one attention. Definitely a must for LDers” – Anonymous Senior

“PDI created a supportive environment where it was okay to make mistakes, where we could learn from the staff as well as fellow students, and where we were taught to think about debate and strategy from completely different perspectives. Drills, lectures, and practice rounds helped me realize my potential as a debater and gave me the confidence to do really well in the upcoming season” – Anonymous

“From a huge variety of different drills to do, to practice rounds every day with a tight-knit community and multiple opportunities to unwind and enjoy summer, PDI has everything a hopeful debater could ever want to improve massively but still have fun.” – Anonymous Senior

“PDI is one of the best camps I’ve seen or gone to. It really breaks down a lot of the elitism seen at bigger camps.” – Nithin Chalapathi”