What’s Cal State Northridge like?

CSUN is a large public school in the California State University system. Its suburban campus lies just north of the heart of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. We will be staying in the brand new University Park apartment dorms, away from the busiest parts of campus. The surrounding neighborhoods are residential.

What are the dorms like?

Students are separated by gender by wing, and our low student-faculty ratio means we have multiple RAs in every dorm area we use. The dorms are the newest on CSUN’s campus and have air conditioning.

Can I send my child mail?

Yes. The front desk receives mail on behalf of the conference, and then our staff will bring it to your student. If something is time sensitive, please send us an email and we’ll make sure to get it to your child as quickly as possible.


Premier Debate ATTN: Student’s Name

17950 Lassen St. 
Northridge, CA 91325-8286

How does my child check-in on the first day?

Once students arrive on campus there will be a registration period located in the lobby of the dorm in which we are staying. There will be signs directing students, but look for more information about check-in day via e-mail before the start of camp. At registration, they will be given a schedule, a list of rules, and other information about the camp. Once students have checked in and have their bags unpacked there will be a campus tour showing all of the areas that we will use throughout campus, dinner at the dining hall, and an overview of the topic and curriculum for their upcoming session.